Saturday, 20 October 2012

Still Weaving on down the road

Having found a half flat rear tyre last week I was pretty convinced I'd found the source of the weave that was apparrent on the GT6 at speed.

As per my last blog post I took the opportunity to replace the rear shock bushes as they were showing signs of distortion and also the mounting bolts. I went out for a run in the car on Thursday night only to find that the weave was still there...

Although the weave felt like it was at the back end because I'd throughly checked out the rear suspension it was time to check out the front end.

I found an issue fairly quickly, one of the front anti roll bar drop links had come apart and the rubber bush at the end of the roll bar had detached it self from the link. A pair of new links on order, hopefully that will fix it. May be that was even the source of my annoying squeak, fingers crossed!

Anti Roll Bar drop link with detached bush

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