Friday, 15 October 2010

Back on the Road and Nice photos!

I've fixed all the mechanical damage from our "incident" on the Round Britain run, tie rod arm replaced with new assembly, handbrake reattached, Exhaust fixed, Bonnet re-aligned (reasonably well anyway), dent in the wheelarch fettled. I also took the car in for a 4 wheel alignment, good news is that nothing is bent or twisted chassis wise and the garage was able to adjust everything to within tolerance. I have found another dent, but this is in the floorpan (just in front of the tie rod mounting) so I won't worry about that too much. Still need to get the rear valence replaced, the small dents in the quarter valences filled and painted.

New Tie Bar fitted

Dent in the Rear Valance, panel to be replaced....

I've still not received the magazine or photo copies promised by the journalist from the practical classics article despite chasing this up. However, the article had the name of the freelance photographer, Mark Fagelson. I googled Mark and sent him an email politely asking if he could send me some photos. Mark duly obliged and sent me a disc with a copy of the photos in the next post, so he's a jolly nice bloke as well as a damn good photographer!

There were quite a few really good pictures that hadn't been published as well. Mark included a letter regarding copyright and I'm allowed to use the photo's for my own personal use including publishing on the interweb as long as it's not for profit so here are 3 of my favourite photos from the shoot.

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