Monday, 20 September 2010

RBRR getting Close!

Only 10 days to go until the Club Triumph Round Britain Run and at this stage team 30 are still not sure whether Marks's 2500 Saloon will be ready or not. I'm therefore busy preparing the GT6 as our back up car. Not that it needs too much doing to it as over the past year I've rebuilt half the rear suspension (the other half was done a couple of years ago), rebuilt the front suspension, changed the diff, changed the clutch, rebuilt the front suspension with new springs, shocks and polybushes, replaced the starter, replaced some of the seals and pipes in the braking system.

Apart from a basic service the couple of jobs which do need to be done are:-
1. Firstly fixing the passenger door handle so it opens from the outside, the broken link piece has been ordered.
2.  Fixing the heater which didn't work on the last RBRR back in 2008 when Bodders and  froze our nuts off driving up the A9 past Aviemore. I've just finished fixing the heater this evening, problem was traced down to a blockage in the pipe through the inlet manifold which feeds the heater valve. Cleaned it out with a bit of wire and then ran the car on bars flush for a while. this included a 190 mile round trip to the RBRR drivers brief on Sunday which certainly gave it a good flushing! I flushed out the system with clean water tonight and refilled with fresh water/antifreeze/barsleak coolant mix. The heater now works a treat!

Had a good run up to the drivers grief which was at Gaydon this year, good to hear from the Charity mind, hear Tim, Jason and Nigel's brief and get a quick look around teh museum. Talking of charity, I've now set up a virgin money giving site plus a micro website for team 30. See and .

Pictures from the Drivers Brief at Gaydon

My GT6 and a few other RBRR cars amongst the other classics at Gaydon.

Tim and Nigel go through the road book briefing.

Triumph Sprint Engined Formula 3 car in the Museum, ex Nigel Mansell.

Works TR8, ex Tony Pond/Fred Gallagher.

The last Spitfire off the Production line.

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