Wednesday, 29 September 2010

All Prepped up and Ready to go

The GT6 is all prepared ready for the round Britain Run.

It's had a good check over, Engine Oil and Filter changed, blockage in the coolant system fixed, flushed and new coolant, door handle fixed, carb float chambers cleaned out (after a leaky float chamber on one earlier in the week) , all fluids checked and topped up, tyre pressures done, extra 12v sockets fitted under the dash, washed and stickers applied.

To be honest I made a bit of a hash of the stickers and may replace them at the start in Enfield if there's time on Friday.

I've also got snacks on order to keep going between the official breakfast, pie and cake stops in the form of pasties, egg & bacon bites and ginger bread men. Plus a few bottles of energy drink.

Sponsorship has started rolling in although the Virgin giving website going down the today is not good. Especially after I got a slot on a weekly directors briefing call at work to talk about the run and the charity to about 500 people. Several spoke to me today saying they would sponsor me on line but I suspect if they try and the site is still down I'll problem miss out....

Anyway, pictures of the car ready to go below.

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