Sunday, 4 October 2009

Duxford All Triumph Day

Had a good day out at the Duxford All Triumph Day organised by the Herts & Beds area of the TSSC. I've always got a softspot for this event as I was one of the orgnaisers of the first one back in 1993 when it was orgainsied by the Essex area of the TSSC.  One thing we did right from the start was to invite all Triumph Clubs and encourage Triumph's outside of the marques then represented by the TSSC to attend. Add the excellent venue with a museum with enough to keep anyone interested for more than a day and it's easy to see why this event has remained a success.

Today's event was graced with a nice sunny if breezy day, as usual there was a bit of flying going on with  Harvard up above the airfield carrying out a few aerobatics. A pretty good turn out of Triumph's as well, must have been a couple of hundred at least. The interesting thing was that the MG club had a meeting at the other end of the site which only had a handfull of cars in attendance!


A few interesting cars as usual, including this stag engined Vitesse.


Good to catch up with a few old freinds and family, including ex Triumph enthusiast my sister Lizzie and her husband and my mate Colin with his Sierra Cosworth Turbo Engined GT6.

Plus it was the first chnace to test out my car on a long run with it's new 3.63 diff. Crusining is a little better on the motorway with 70mph at 3,500 RPM in o/d top, that's with speed measured by satnav, the speedo is still somewhat optomistic and was showing 80mph!

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