Saturday, 3 October 2009

Back on the Road!

After my mishap with a broken diff at the TSSC International in Stafford my GT6 is finally back in one piece and I drove it around the block this evening. The 1st time Ive managed to drive it for 7 weeks!

The Diff that Dave at Canleys built me seems nice a quiet so thats good news. Hopefully take it for a run out of town tommorow so I can see how much difference a 3.63 differential makes over the original 3.89 ratio.  I'm hoping that besides giving me a better motorway cruising experience the speedo may even be a bit more accurate as it was overreading quite a bit. The change of ratio should help this.

Just need to give it a good clean now to get all the greasy finger prints off. The target was to get it on the road for the All Triumph Day up at Duxford on Sunday 4th October so it looks like I'll make it. If you are going up to Duxford look out for the nappy cack yellow GT6 and come and say hello!

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