Thursday, 27 September 2018

Preparation work near enough done

The Flying Log is pretty much prepared for the Round Britain Run now…  

Following all the other jobs that I’ve done in previous weeks today I’ve done the following
  • Replaced the front tyres that were over 10 years old, the Costco tyre place also rotated the tyres so the new ones are on the back and re-did the pressures.
  • Changed the engine oil and filter, Valvoline VR1 20/50 and a genuine Unipart Oil Filter
  • Topped up the gearbox oil.
  • Checked the diff oil (didn’t need topping up).
  • Checked the brake fluid.
  • Checked the Clutch Fluid
  • Topped up the coolant which had settled slightly since draining, flushing and changing last week.
  • Removed both front hubs, re-greased and adjusted the wheel bearings.

I was going to change the spark plugs, I bought a set a couple of weeks ago and can’t find them despite looking high and low. New set of NGKs ordered on ebay today which I’ll gap and change before the run, not a long job.

All that’s left to do is a last minute check of fluids and pressures and a check and readjust of the wheel bearings in case they settle having been re-greased today.

One little revelation today is that I usually change the oil in the garage which is not easy as there is not a lot of room to work around the car (unlike the GT6!). So today I decided to do it on the drive, although my drive slopes this actually helped as I parked it nose down, jacked the front of the car up so it was level (checked with a spirit level along the sill trim). This made the job so much easier, plenty of room to work around and even under the car.

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