Sunday, 7 February 2016

Leaky Log

The "Flying Log" sprung a coolant leak last weekend. Had a quick look and it seemed to be coming from a hose that runs between the inlet manifold and a steel pipe that runs to the waterpump. As luck would have it I had a spare so fitted it this morning.

However, it's still leaking, obviously wasn't the hose after all. I can now see that the leak is under the exhaust manifold somewhere but despite using mirrors and torches I can't quite see exactly where.

It''s either the steel pipe that runs to the waterpump has rusted through or I have a blown core plug. More likely the core plug but I've ordered both a set of core plugs and a stainless steel replacement pipe. Juts need to find some time to strip out the carbs,  inlet and exhaust manifolds to gain access, not a 5 minute job...

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