Sunday, 15 February 2015

Busy Breakfast

This morning's Breakfast meet at White Lion Antiques was very busy. I arrived at 10:15 and I was one the the last cars to be marshaled into the car park and I was directed to double park blocking in a few Rover's. Rover was the featured Marque this morning and there were a good contingent of them, largest number seemed to be P4s and there must have been a good 20 of them.

Cars were then directed to park out at the side of the A30 dual carriageway. A rather flash group of supercars turned up in convoy including a Lambo Gallardo, a Noble and a few Porsche's and even they had to park up half on the verge and half on the dual carriageway!

Nice to see Jon Cook turn up in his GT6 that he acquired last week, he's had a few teething problems since buying it, including a broken fanbelt yesterday that I helped him out with...

Anyway here are some pictures from today. Enjoy!

Nice P4

Shelby Mustang, I want!

V8 Pop

Featured Marque Today was Rover

Jensen Interceptor

Lovely MK2 Jag

Jon's GT6

Martini 911 part of a group of Supercars that turned up in convoy together, lead by a Gallardo.

Mini Marcos, I used to have a Corgi car model of one of these when I was a kid!

Mustang Coupe


Orange Pop and I don't mean Tango!"

This nice Plymouth was up for sale

I like the 100% British beef caption on the TVR Chimera

Lambo Gallado, nuff said

Very tidy Alfa Guiletta

Healey 3000

Carrera 4S


A new car for me, a Fraser Nash BMW, obviously pre War, as I'm sure Frazer Nash wouldn't have teamed up with BMW during or after the war!

50s Sunbeam Alpine

Ferrari 360 Spyder

Newish 911

Alpine Renault, a frequent visitor to the Breakfast meets and a car with lots of Rally History.

Tidy Bedford Truck

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