Monday, 17 May 2010

Hampshire Treasure Hunt

Paul “Bodders” Bodiam orgainised a Treasure Hunt last Sunday for our local TSSC area. It was a shame that only 2 cars and 5 people turned up as Paul had put some real effort into organising a really good Treasure Hunt with Challenging Interesting Questions and nice countryside.

I took my 7 year old Daughter Alice with me as Navigator/helper and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. We managed to answer all the questions and got them all correct except Paul docked us ½ point as we only got the month and year rather then the full date for a question on when the Basingstoke Canal was re-opened. Bodders is obviously a stickler for detail! Needless to say we came first, but then if we’d come last we still would have been in 2nd place!

The Crooked Billet start of the Treasure Hunt

Carl in His Dolomite Sprint (the other car!) leaves the Crooked Billet.

Alice the "Navigator"!

One of the Questions was about the Wellington Statue. Only 2 miles from home but I'd never been there before!

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