Wednesday, 26 July 2017

D Day Beach Tour in the GT6

Just got back from a very enjoyable D Day beaches tour with my son James in the GT6. We certainly packed a lot in during the 6 days we had over in Normandy, here's our itinerary.

Thursday 20/8/17

Merville Gun Battery Museum

Pegasus Bridge

We then had lunch at Cafe Gondree, the first building to be liberated run by Arlette Gondree, who was a young girl present when the Brits arrived.

Pegasus Bridge Memorial Museum

Friday 21/8/17

Azeville Battery Museum

Sainte Mere Eglise

Airborne Museum

Utah Beach

Utah Beach Museum

Saturday 22/8/17

Pointe Du Hoc

Omaha Beach Memorial

Overlord Museum Omaha Beach

Normandy American Cemetery Colleville Su Mer

Sunday 23/8/17

War Journalists Memorial Bayeux
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery Bayeux

Museum of the Battle of Normandy Bayeux

Bayeux City

D Day Museum Arromanches

Mullberry Harbour remains Arromanches

Monday 24/8/17

Gold Beach

Juno Beach

Juno Beach French Memorial

Juno Beach Centre and Canadian Memorial

Longues Sur Mer Battery

Museum of Undersea Wrecks Port En Bessin

Tuesday 25/8/17

Radar Museum Douvres-la-Delivrande

Sword Beach Memorial Lion Sur Mer

Sword Beach Piper Bill Millin Statue Lion Sur Mer

Sword Beach Montgomery Statue Lion Sur Mer

Atlantic Wall Museum le Grand Bunker Ouistreham

French Commando Museum Ouistreham

We stayed at a great B and B run by Adrian Cox who owns 2 GT6 MK1s under restoration. Normandy Beach B and B is a converted farm in the centre of Arromanches. Adrian specialises in accommodation for Bikers and Classic Car owners, he is a real petrol head and also owns a Ferret APC, bikes and is restoring a Split Screen Moggy Minor convertible for his wife Karen. As well as lovely rooms in the converted Barn (above his workshop), he lay's on free beer, wine and Cidre for his guests and does a great full English breakfast every morning. There is secure parking within a gated courtyard too to keep classics and bikes safe.
One of Adrian's GT6s

Monday, 29 May 2017

GT6 Photoshoot

I went to the “InCarNation” car show organised by the Ace CafĂ© in Brighton back in April and my GT6 had a note left on the windscreen asking me to get in touch from a Classic car media company called “The Toms”. Out of intrigue I gave them a call and turns out they rather liked my car and wanted to do an article on it for their on line car magazine. Having looked at previous articles on their site the photo’s looked really great so I thought what have I got to lose so I’m looking forward to seeing the results plus I'll get high resolution copies of the pictures. Lots of static and driving pictures were taken plus a bit of an interview about me and my car. The article  be on line within a couple of weeks at and will also will be on TCL (the classic life) on

My GT6 getting the photo treatment

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Nice run out in the GT6 to Incarnation Brighton

Had a nice couple of day's away in the GT6. Clive Senior had invited me along to put my GT6 on the Club Triumph Stand he had arranged at Incarnation which is an annual event organised by the Ace Cafe at Madeira Drive (the sea front) in Brighton.

It's mainly a modified car show with lots of boy racer modified, lowered, noisy ICE stuff but there are a few classics and sports cars as well.

As it was an early start on the Saturday I decided to stay over part way there in a travelodge in Littlehampton. The run down on Friday afternoon was great in the GT6, I used the Hogs Back, the A283 through Petworth and the back roads through Arundel, lots of fast stretched with sweeping bends and straights to overtake, a real GT6 suitable road!

Got to the show nice and early on Saturday and then went for a big Wetherspoons Brekkie with the Sussex Club Triumph Lot.

The GT6 from above at the show

The GT6 parked up on the Club Triumph Stand

A Few Pictures of the Club Triumph Stand

A few of the other Classic and Sports Cars, no pics of the modern boy racer cars as they don't do much for me!

After the show it was back to Clive and Gill's for a nice bit of scoff followed by a spirited drive home along the same route. The GT6 ran well and didn't miss a beat.